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Diana Campbell, Executive Director

500 Wood Street
Bristol, RI 02809
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Mosaico Business & Community Development Corporation

Mosaico Business & Community Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization, incorporated within the state of RI, operating with the mission to rehabilitate and execute long-term management of the historic site known as the Bristol Industrial Park. The goals of the organization are to rehabilitate the property in consideration of its historic character and economic development potential to the region, perform necessary remediation and renovations in order to have the property removed from the blighted list, to offer competitively-priced, attractive industrial, business, and commercial space, and to provide advisory and consulting services to assist with economic development in a severely depressed neighborhood where low to moderate income individuals predominate.

The organization was formed in 2010, expressly to meet the mission and goals described above. The subject site, the Bristol Industrial Park, is located in Bristol R.I.’s urban Wood Street neighborhood within the Bristol Waterfront Historic District, located in Census Tract 307 Block Group 2. Pursuant to the 2000 US Census, the per capita income in this census tract is $15,987, with more than 70% of the residents being low-moderate income and 20% living in poverty. Though the exact figure for this neighborhood has not been recorded recently, there are likely more, not less, low-moderate income residents in the neighborhood today. The Wood Street neighborhood of the Bristol Industrial Park is a dense, mixed-use neighborhood, with both residential (many multi-family and modest single family homes) and business/industrial uses. 




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