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Bristol Industrial Park Remediation & Site Improvements

Mosaico is currently working with the EPA and the RI DEM to improve the Bristol Industrial Park and remediate some petroleum-based contamination on the site. The full scope of remediation and improvements are illustrated on the site plans and specifications.

These documents can be found HERE.

Contact: Mosaico. Diana Campbell, Executive Director, director@bristolindustrialpark.com, (401) 253-2135.

The Bristol Industrial Park Project

Mosaico's staff is working hard to rehabilitate the Bristol Industrial Park to return it to the economic center of the Town of Bristol. As the warm weather returns, we are working on several projects:

  • Fire Alarms are being installed in all buildings. To date, fire alarms have been installed in all of the buildings in Building Groups 1 and 2. Plans for Building Group 3 have been submitted to the RI Fire Marshal for approval. It is expected that Fire Safety equipment for that building group will be installed by Spring of 2015.

  • A central Fire Control Room has been wired to support the site's fire alarm systems, providing a single point of information for a responding fire department.

  • Buildings in Building Groups 1 and 2 are being rehabilitated. Windows, doors, siding, and trim are all being repaired and/or replaced as needed. Many years of neglect have caused much deterioration throughout the site. We are determined to rehabilitate the buildings to their original look. To that end, we are working closely with the RI Historic Preservation & Heritage Commission and the Bristol Historic District Commission to ensure that we are preserving this historic mill while providing modern safety for our tenants.

  • A Site Plan has been developed to help us as we clean up the exterior spaces of the BIP. We will keep the site to its true purpose of industrial-manufacturing, with a green perimeter, a fresh coat of asphalt, and a new entrance.

  • A Community Relations Plan has been developed and reviewed at a public meeting with neighbors and community-at-large in this project. It is important to Mosaico that we include input from our neighbors as we proceed with this project.

To complete this work, we continue to apply for grant funding to add to the funds we have already received from Community Development Block Grants, Town of Bristol Program Income, an EPA Brownfields Clean-up Grant, and have been approved for RI and Federal Tax Credits.

October 19, 2010 Announcement:

Mosaico Business & Community Development, after many months of financial analysis, design studies, fundraising, and negotiations, purchased the Bristol Industrial Park (BIP).  This is a major undertaking for Mosaico and for Bristol.  The industrial park is a complex of many buildings with an aggregated floor area in excess of 300,000 square feet of commercial space located on a site of about 14 acres.  The property, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, was first used for heavy manufacturing in 1864 when Augustus Bourn purchased the land and buildings to build the National Rubber Company.  At its peak, the companies at the site employed a workforce greater than 3000—by far the largest concentration of jobs in Bristol. 

The redevelopment of this property is actually the last Phase of the Kaiser Mill Complex and Neighborhood Revitalization Plan adopted by the Town in 1991.   The Plan outlined five phases of development for the former manufacturing site.  Mosaico was formed to lead the implementation of that plan.  Today more than 200 residents live in completely refurbished structures, and RI DCYF leases space in the former administration building.  So, in mid-2009, Bristol officials asked Mosaico to review the few viable alternatives for the site and to prepare and implement the most feasible plan to acquire, improve, and operate the Bristol Industrial Park.  Bristol Town Council President Kenneth A. Marshall and Bristol’s Director of Community Development Diane Williamson have been instrumental in Mosaico’s acquisition of the complex and in assisting in the development of a plan for going forward.  Officials from the Bristol Redevelopment Agency, the Rhode Island Office of Statewide Planning, RIDEM, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the US Department of Commerce have also expressed very strong support for the project. 

Although the acquisition of the Bristol Industrial Park represents a major milestone in a lengthy redevelopment process, we are optimistic about prospects at the industrial park; our rate of progress will depend in large part on the availability of grant and loan funding as well as improving economic conditions.  Looking ahead, over the long term, Mosaico will strive to make the industrial park an important asset for the town in terms of offering businesses a convenient, attractive, competitive place to do business.  Right now about 60% of the space at the industrial park is leased to about 25 companies engaged in light manufacturing and industrial production.  The un-leased space will be available to companies with similar or compatible operations.  Creation of many well-paying jobs is a high priority. 


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